The New Business of Location Independent

As I bring this website back to life. I’m going to make a point to show myself and other examples of people or companies that are trying to disrupt the normal way of doing business. I have been on a mission of self-reflection for the past year. Through this transformation I have realized that it’s becoming ever more important to help other like-minded people that are on the same journey that I am. Knowing that I was able to do something different was not a given. For a long time I thought I was the only one trying to things so different. When I started to run into other individuals like me. That’s when I started to realize that it was possible to achieve this lifestyle I long for. It was a game changer for me and gave me the last push I needed.

Example of the new economy

So one of the first websites I will like to mention is Lemonhead press. This website is run by a family that’s on a journey that gives me inspiration. The approach they are taking is very unique too many other online businesses. They seem to be on a mission to document a step by step video blog of the construction of their tiny home on wheels. Not only are they building a home and keeping a record of it for all of us to enjoy. They are in the process of changing their whole life around to enable them to go on the road with their family. This type lifestyle modification to suit their needs around what is important to them has the potential to become much bigger than the ever imagined. This website is a great example of a lifestyle business. They make their own handmade products and distribute them through their website, so they may be able to support their alternative living arrangements.

The world is changing around us

I feel that many people will have to move towards this business model throughout the coming years. As the jobs disappear and the business outlook becomes more unpredictable. Many people will be left with little to no option but to venture off on their own. Some people may see this as a negative outlook, but I see this as an opportunity for our economy and for many of the people that will be in this situation. Having to venture off on your own can be scary proposition for many. The possible rewards in this type of business are endless.

Location independent business model

The world is rapidly changing around us and the economy along with. Normal ways of thinking about business and work has changed already. With a never more advanced technology infrastructure it has become much easier to work from anywhere in the world. Many companies are starting to take advantage of this by hiring not only foreign workers, but also hiring local workers to their country and allowing them to work from home. This gives us who location independent minded people the ability to work from anywhere in the world. We can either start a business and be self-employed from anywhere in the world, or work for many companies that are ahead of the curve.

Overwhelmed By Upkeep

In the back and forth between Bali and the states, I’m usually too busy to take care on the regular upkeep any property requires. I’ve learned during my travels, some people may have upkeeps that may not be regular at all. It all depends on the property and the owner of the properties. The needs of the owner and the estate may vary from one to another.

Property Management Needs

miami dade county property management

In my case I have both because of the variations of locations and time I spend at these locations. As I traveled more and became increasingly busier, my regular upkeep fell farther and farther behind. I decided it was time to hire a company that can manage my properties for me and meet my requirements that can, regardless of how mundane or special they are. I have both residential and commercial. I was looking for a company or companies that could manage them completely. This way I have a few less things to worry about and I can focus my attention on other parts of my busy schedule.

What I was Looking For

I had an idea of what I was looking for, but still wasn’t completely sure. I searched online. I was looking for a site that not only will provide me with a list of companies for particular areas, but also a site that provides information that would help me make the right decision. I found this site that was very helpful. It had all the information I needed and it provided a list of local companies that can provide service in the immediate areas. Such as Miami Dade County property management. The companies I found through this site were even able to create special customized service tailored to my needs. Now I have a company for all my properties and I have a lot of time freed up. Great site!

IT Service Provider For Miami Office

While away in Bali my office in Miami starts to experience things falling behind. This is normal when I’m away. So I started to think of ways to increase productivity in the office while I’m away. One problem that seems to be a recurring theme is IT matters. While I’m gone everything that can go wrong with the computers and the electronics does go wrong. I have one or two employees that can get by with the problems or temporary work around them. Sometimes they can even find a way to fix or correct the issue. This isn’t necessarily part of their jobs, and can cause them to fall behind in their actual jobs.

Taking Action

miami it services

I finally decided to find a company locally that can take care of these issues so that my employees can continue working and continue to be productive. On site response time was also a concern. I wanted a company that can get to the office relatively quickly in case of an emergency. So I searched online for Miami IT services.

I Had No Clue What I Was Looking For

I didn’t have a clue what to look for except that the company is in Miami. I’m not very technical, and it’s all a mystery to me. On the Unite Innovations web site I was able to find a company that was local in the Miami area and I also was able to get help on what I was looking for. The site contains valuable information that help me make sense of the unknown technology world. I am happy with the company I found and productivity has definitely gone up while I am away. Not only is everything working properly and repaired quickly when they aren’t, but my employees aren’t taken away from their jobs to or inconvenienced with technical issue. All they have to do is make a call and continue on their way.